Tricia S.

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Aurum Alive stands alone and surpasses any product I have ever tried. I have battled ulcerative Crohn’s with intensifying issues over the last three years. I started taking Aurum Alive in October 2022 and at my last check up, my Gastroenterologist was completely shocked when he found that all the ulcerative Crohn’s had gone into remission! My lung function has improved, my vitamin D levels are through the roof, and I no longer feel like I am starving all the time. I feel more energized,  relaxed, and my cognition has improved drastically. Overall, inflammation has reduced significantly throughout my body. I am loving it and feel very renewed, alive and well. I swear by this product and cannot start my day without it!”

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Teresa M.

By Jordan Lang

“Aurum Alive has changed my life. It has helped with joint pain, energy, and gut issues that I’ve had for years. I am 58 years...

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By Jordan Lang

“Thank you for developing this amazing product. Years ago, I was diagnosed as having bile in my stomach and I must take Olestyr every day...

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